CPR Design

Creative Progressive Reactive has partnered with American businesses for the future of our country.

A little bit about CPR Partnership

Please help us advertise for out new project! We need sponsors and partners! I will post the link to the kickstarter after we're done with initial advertising.

Check out our website: cprdesign.webs.com

Creative Progressive Reactive Partnership is proud to announce our Work Force Success Conference Tour, it has been in development for nearly three years! CPR Partnership has researched the development and progress of new employees in the work force, along with job seeker success, and created an effective plan that will introduce work related skills and ethics to any career field. With each high school graduate, their is approximately five dropouts, and each new hire is accompanied with five terminated employees due to lack of work ethic and skills necessary for minimal performance.

CPR Partnership recognizes the importance of employee retention, without long term employees no business will stay afloat; however, more job seekers enter the work force every day, lowering the performance semesters for each new hire. Our team of public speakers and motivators will tour the country and raise the performance standards for all industries.

Throughout development of the Conference Tour, numerous publications were created and many venues were chosen to host the CPR Partnership team, this means we've already chose our venues and length of stay for each city; this totals one hundred conferences over the course of three years. Attendance of any conference will be accompanied with a certificate of completion and three personal references that can be used up to three years.

We are looking for five hundred sponsors that will allow us to create a presence in one hundred cities across america. The sponsors will be advertised for throughout the tour, we just ask that you donate fifty dollars and send us one common problem seen with new hires and one common problem that could have prevented the termination of an employee.

In addition to these sponsors, we are seeking two partners in each state that will agree to interview each member of the audience. These interviews do not have to result in hiring of the applicants; however, they will be referred to a sponsor. In order to become a partner, we ask for one hundred dollars and what is expected from your staff. Partners will be advertised throughout the course of the tour for FREE.